Peter "Chanman" Chandler

    Peter "Chanman" Chandler is a full time musician living in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He moved to the mountains of western Wyoming as a teenager to ski the Tetons.

  Chanman performs as a solo singer/songwriter and with the groups The Chanman Roots band, Tram Jam, the Hof Band and Papa Chan.

  He grew up on the coast of Maine. He began singing at an early age and by High School was in special singing groups and performing at parties.

   Skiing and music have long been his passions. He continues to live that dream.

   Chanman graduated from Marlboro College in Vermont and holds a B.A. in Religion. He studied Christian, Native American, and Greek philosophical thought. One of his Professors, James E. Thomas, continues to be his Minister and mentor.

    After 2 years back skiing in Jackson Hole, Chanman attended Harvard Divinity School in Cambridge, MA and was awarded an Masters of Divinity degree in 1990. 

    He returned to Wyoming in the early 1990's. He has worked as a youth Counselor and Minister, painted houses, and as a musician.

    Chanman founded the Ski Bum Music Festival which highlights local ski town bands and donates to services like Search and Rescue and the Avalanche Center.

     Tram Jam has been playing for 23 years at the base of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Chanman has been there every season. They play outdoors every Saturday during ski season no matter what the weather. They play rock, reggae, and many Chanman originals. Tram Jam is Sponsored by STIO outdoor clothing and Zeal Sunglasses.

     The Chanman Roots Band has been together since 2006. This 9 piece reggae band is lead by Chanman. They have played Festivals and venues all over Wyoming and beyond like The Donkey Creek jazz Festival, The No Woodstock Festival, The Prairie Wind Multi-Cultural Festival, the NOLS annual meeting, The Greater Yellowstone Coalition's Bike Tour, and many more. They have one CD entitled "Chanman Roots Band - New Uprising" It was awarded "Gold - Best local CD 2012" in JH Weekly's Best of JH. Chapman wrote all the songs on the disc.

     He has 2 CD's as a Singer/Songwriter, "Chanman - Perfect Thirst" and "Chanman -  Gotta Take Some Turns".

      Chanman was awarded "Gold - Best Musician" for 2012, 2013, 2014 in JH Weekly's Best of JH.

      For the last 5 years Chanman has been a Wyoming Arts Council Roster Artist.

      He also performs old time jazz as Papa Chan. For the past 5 years (in season) he has played every Friday at the Teton Pines Country Club with Upright Bassist Johnny C Note. They keep the Great American Songbook alive and kicking.

       Chanman also played with the rock/reggae group Waist Deep from 1998 - 2006. They have one CD entitled "Waist Deep - Ski Bum Music". Their music is featured in the film "Swift, Silent, Deep - A History of the Jackson Hole Air Force".

       Chanman continues to play conscious music based in the mountain lifestyle.

       Chanman also plays with a polka band called The HOF BAND plays POLKA!


Chanman - short bio (Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist, Bandleader, Promoter)

        Peter "Chanman" Chandler is a professional musician from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He has played throughout the Rocky Mountains for 25 years. He has been named "Best Musician - Gold" 3 times in JH Weekly's "Best of Jackson Hole". 

       Chanman plays Jazz Standards as Papa Chan; Reggae with the Chanman Roots Band; and Mountain Town Originals as Chanman. He has played jazz, reggae, and rock with Tram Jam at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for the last 23 years.

         Chanman believes in playing conscious music to uplift the soul and have a good time. He has a Masters of Divinity from Harvard Divinity School. He is dependable, honest, and approachable.

               He is sponsored by Stio and Sunski sunglasses.

         Chanman will always go the extra mile to make sure your event is a success!

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