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CHANMAN SOLO is on sale now at Contact Chanman for a $10 download card.


Jazz Thursdays

Papa Chan & Johnny C Note play jazz standards weekly at Teton Pines, 5:30 - 8:30 pm Starting in June.

Tram Jam singer keeps evolving From skiing to music to ministering, Tram Jam singer is psyched to still be 'living the life.' [ Read more... ]” - Emily Mieure

— Jackson Hole News & Guide

Music Men — Multi-project minstrels pay the bills with many styles and band mates      Outdoor adventures aren't the only thing in abundance in Jackson Hole: This is also a musician's mecca. Open mic are offered at a half dozen bars. Restaurants, hotels and other establishments hire aspiring or established musicians to entertain their guests. Free outdoor concerts offered at the base of Snow King and in the Village Commons as well as in Victor, Idaho present not only listening but playing opportunities.      There is a proliferation of performers, but not all find themselves fortunate enough to book steady gigs at the various music venues in town - much less make a living as a musician.      While eking out a career in music can be a roll of the dice, it helps to be versatile and willing to perform with numerous ensembles.      Here are a handful of performers who are involved in multiple projects. Most of them told the News&Guide they have played with some of the others interviewed, in either a one-off situation or as members of the same full-fledged band.       "The Jackson music scene can be incestuous," guitarist and vocalist Dusty Nichols said.     .....Peter Chandler          Known primarily by the moniker "The Chanman", longtime resident Peter Chandler has been singing since he was a child.          In high school, one of his guitar-playing best friends wanted to form a band and made Chandler his singer.         "OK, I'm your singer," he says he told his buddy.          And thus a career, more or less, was born.         Initially coming to Jackson after graduation in 1978, he then went back east to Massachusetts (sic) to study religion while singing classical music in college. After returning here briefly he left again for a couple of years to attend Harvard Divinity School in Cambridge, graduating in 1990.      He then made his way back to the Hole for good in 1992 and began making a living as a musician by night and skiing during the day.      Last week the Chanman ticked off the number of projects he is now involved in. Chanman solo as a singer/songwriter; as Papa Chan solo, duo, trio,or quartet (old time jazz); with Tram Jam (rock/reggae/blues), Chanman3 (reggae and originals) and with the Chanman Roots band (reggae).      "I began focusing on music for two reasons," Chandler said "One is because I felt it was a way to continue my ministry to my culture, which is ski bums-the ski culture-as opposed to having a church.       "And the second is it was a way to support my skiing lifestyle since I worked after the Resort was closed." he said.       His "Tram Jam" — held Saturdays at the Resort from 11am to 2pm and now in it's 21st year — allowed it's founder to have access to the mountain and combine the two loves of his life, skiing and music.      He said that almost everyone he plays with plays in another band or two, "which can be a little difficult when you are trying to book gigs and other people are on hold." he said, "but it's the nature of the beast. ” - Julie Butler

— Jackson Hole News & Guide

The Art of Skiing: Original Ski Bum Music Reaching the turnstile where a lovely lifty stands looking at my pass picture on an LED screen, the toe of my ski boot catches a miniscule break in the concrete and I stumble forward a few steps. She laughs, her eyes disguised by dark goggles. [ Read more... ]” - Barclay

— Unofficial Networks